Cargo Loader-Aviation Services
Transguard group
Job Description

Job Description

The Loader for Aviation will be in charge of loading/offloading aircraft, Unit Loading Devices, conveyor belts, trucks and various other baggage/cargo carriers in line with instructions from the loading/unloading team at various work locations such as baggage halls, cargo terminals ramp and quick transfer facilities.

ResponsibilityTo segregate and load baggage cargo and load, destination and class-wise, in Unit Load Device (ULD);

  • To ensure that baggage and cargo are correctly built and correctly loaded/stored achieving maximum utilisation of available space;
  • To confirm that light weight cargo and baggage are loaded above heavy consignments avoiding damage to fragile articles;
  • To ensure that fragile/heavy/dangerous goods are stored/loaded in specified positions and secured according to instructions;
  • To guarantee that aircraft hold nets are correctly positioned to avoid any safety hazard which may cause damage/injury to personnel or goods/aircraft, or property;
  • To ensure that locks are correctly positioned in aircraft holds to secure ULDs in designated positions;
  • To report any leakage or damage of dangerous goods to team leaders, dispatchers, as appropriate, immediately;
  • To ensure that they clock in and clock out using biometric attendance as per shift roster;
  • To assure that correct PPE is worn and carry all required identification cards (ASP/Training License).
  • To ensure dispatch of export cargo as per unit weight system (UWS) to the aircraft in appropriate time as per the flight schedule given by forwarding import ULDs to the warehouse and coordinating with technical team.
  • Skills

    Minimum English Language Level 2+ (by Transguard Group Standards)

    Good communication skills

    Hard Skills Basic Health

  • Basic Human Resource Policy Awareness
  • Management of Human Factors
  • Safe Manual Handling Techniques
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Use of Relevant Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Prevention, Detection
  • Safety, Enviroment
  • Labelling and Marking of Dangerous Goods
  • Recognition of unmarked Dangerous Goods
  • Storage of Dangerous Goods
  • Loading of Dangerous Goods
  • Passenger Notifications in regards to Dangerous Goods
  • Dangerous Goods Legislation
  • Recognition of Human Threats in and around an Aircraft
  • Identification of Hazards and Handling Labels
  • Cargo Handling Build Up Process
  • Cargo Handling Break Down Process
  • Safe Manual Handling Techniques
  • Aviation Hub Procedures
  • Dubai Airport Operations Health.